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Mar 25 13

Revive Retronauts via Kickstarter

by Sean James McKenzie

Retronauts If you’re a fan of the retro game podcast Retronauts (which was recently cancelled due to layoffs at the core team is running a Kickstarter to get it back on the air. Show your support for one of the best retro gaming podcasts out thereby funding their kickstarter project. They’re in their 4th day and have already slaughtered their initial goal, but the more they raise the longer it’ll be around and the better it’ll be. I’m a podcast addict and this is easily one of my favorites (except for when they use an episode to bitch about video game movies :P)

Mar 13 13

Peek at Level Editor for “Quad”

by Sean James McKenzie

This is just a quick peek at a level editor for a mobile game I’m working on. It’s currently codenamed “Quad”.

Feb 26 13

Blip Input Demo

by Sean James McKenzie

This is just a quick demo of a concept I’m working on for a mobile game. I’m going to give it a working title of “Blip”. This demo shows touch controls that work much like the old Lunar Lander game where you fire thrusters to move your “craft”. In this case, touch left or right to move laterally. Touch both left and right to thrust up. The dropped frames are a result of the screen capture. The game itself is super smooth. More coming soon.