My good friend Randy recently turned 30 and to help celebrate the occasion our friend Meg made him a companion cube cake! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, drop what you’re doing and go play Portal now! I’ll wait.

Meg’s Portal-themed cake was as delicious as it was awesome looking, made with butter cream rather than that inedible baking flair fondant.

Portal Themed Companion Cube Cake

Meg is, as you can see, a pro who has made many video game related treats over the years. The thumbs below don’t really do her work justice, but I couldn’t help posting a few of them anyway.

Click to see more of Meg's amazing pastries

I just grabbed a few of the video game related ones. You can see more on her flickr or on her tumblr, Cake a Day. Meg is friendly, extremely talented and available for all your creative cakery needs. Don’t be shy.

WARNING: Viewing Meg’s work is like food shopping, safest on a full stomach.

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