Version 1.2 of Super Mario Bros. Crossover was released today. The biggest update is the addition of SOPHIA, the tank from Blaster Master. However, Jay has added a Survival mode which brings to fruition the gameplay originally intended for his concept.

In this mode, when a character dies, they become unusable until you revive them with a 1-up mushroom. The catch is that you can only revive characters when you enter a new world (beat Bowser).

Jay has also added unlockable cheats in this update:

Each cheat has different conditions that must be met before it will be unlocked. Some cheats will be unlocked by killing a certain number of enemies, while others will require you to beat the game on a certain difficulty level. My favorite cheat in the game turns all enemies into Hammer Bros. Also, there is another cheat called “Evil Hammer Bros.” that makes all of the Hammer Bros. chase you.

Finally Jay has announced a Super Mario Bros. Crossover wiki game manual which documents the entire game (v1.2 items forthcoming). That might sound ridiculous, but at this point there are so many features that a manual is actually warranted. It’s maintained by fans of the game and even includes full maps for every level!

So what are you waiting for, go play Super Mario Bros. Crossover 1.2!

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