I think I’m in love. And my life’s lookin’ up. I think I’m in love. ‘Cause I can’t get enough. I think I’m in love. It’s gotta be love. – Eddie Money

I can only assume that when Eddie first penned those words he had just gotten back from a trip forward through time to play Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Well said, Eddie, well said.

Though it’s a staple of early 8 and 16 bit consoles, the beat ‘em ups genre is far from dead. One might even say that lately it’s been getting better. Castle Crashers was a huge success on XBox live, taking home among many other awards the distinctions of 2008’s XLBA Game of the Year and Best Original Game. It’ll be making its way to the PlayStation Network soon, but in the mean time the PSN will be getting an old-school beat ‘em up of its own: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game

Rumored to be coming out August 10, 2010, this game should more than satisfy PlayStationers’ need to grab three friends and fuck shit up…classic style. It is slated to make the leap to XBLA though a date has yet to be set. Like Castle Crashers, each character will be able to upgrade their weapons and skill set as they level up. While there are similarities between the two games, each offers enough that owning one won’t keep you from wanting the other.

Paul Robertson, known for his bad-ass pixel art and Devil Eyes was scooped up to do the art for this one, which I’m totally psyched about. The style feels retro but doesn’t look dated and the sound design kicks fucking ass. The Scott Pilgrim franchise started out as a book, then quickly made the leap to the silver screen and consoles once hollywood got wind of the property. Oh joy, Michael Cera gets another chance to play an awkward young adult. The good news is that this one looks like it’s got a shot at being better than the movie, which is rare…very rare. I’m totally psyched for this game! Check out the trailer below:

Thanks to Janice and Randy for the story tip.

UPDATE: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game has been scheduled to go up on XBLA August 25, 2010.
UPDATE: The myriad of ways you can get to Scott Pilgrim content has grown by one. Adult Swim will be airing a Scott Pilgrim animated short in late August. What’s next, skywriting?

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